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Order quantity is per pound for oxtail.

The cow’s tail is cut into sections, generally known as oxtail. Very popular in stew and soup. This rich, flavorful ingredient that will enhance any meal.
Oxtail sections are very similar to beef short ribs and are incredibly tender and flavorful.

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* PLEASE NOTE: This product is currently only available for delivery in the USA.
* FREE SHIPPING for all orders above 20LBS for TX, OK, NM, AR, AZ, CO

* There may be a little variation in weight – we try to get it as close to the weight as possible, however considering there is variation of size and yield from one animal to another, sometimes we have to adjust things just a little! 

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Oxtail – A Rich and Flavorful Culinary Delight

Discover the Depth of Flavor: Our Oxtail

Immerse yourself in the rich, hearty flavors of our Oxtail, a unique and delectable ingredient that adds a touch of culinary luxury to any dish. Cut into sections from the cow’s tail, oxtail is a beloved component in stews and soups, known for its rich, deep flavor and tender texture. This traditional ingredient is celebrated in cuisines worldwide for its ability to transform simple dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences.

Perfect for Stews and Soups

Oxtail is particularly popular in slow-cooked dishes like stews and soups, where its full flavor can be developed and savored. The meat becomes incredibly tender as it cooks, almost melting off the bone, while enriching the dish with its robust beefy taste. The result is a comforting, flavorful meal that is as satisfying as delicious.

A Similarity to Beef Short Ribs

Oxtail sections are very similar to beef short ribs in texture and taste. This similarity makes them a fantastic alternative for recipes calling for short ribs, offering the same level of tenderness and flavor that makes them a favorite among meat lovers.

A Versatile Ingredient for Hearty Meals

Whether you are a seasoned chef or a home cook, our Oxtail is a versatile ingredient that will inspire your cooking. Its rich flavor and tender texture make it an ideal choice for experimenting with various spices and ingredients, allowing you to create unique and memorable dishes.

Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

At We Speak Meat, we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality meats; our Oxtail is no exception. We ensure that each cut is prepared with care and precision, meeting our high standards for quality and flavor. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident in the excellence of our product, making your culinary ventures truly exceptional.

Indulge in the luxurious taste of our Oxtail, an ingredient that promises to elevate your meals with its rich flavor and tender texture. Perfect for various dishes, from traditional stews to innovative culinary creations, our Oxtail is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the finer aspects of cooking and dining.

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