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Special Trim Stew Meat


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When trimming the larger cuts, like roasts etc., the trimmings end up in a pile. Special trim is separated out as it is some of the best tasting stew meat.

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* There may be a little variation in weight – we try to get it as close to the weight as possible, however considering there is variation of size and yield from one animal to another, sometimes we have to adjust things just a little! 

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Special Trim Stew Meat – A Flavorful Culinary Delight for Beef Parties

Unearth a Hidden Treasure: Our Special Trim Stew Meat

Discover the exceptional taste and quality of our Special Trim Stew Meat, created from trimming larger cuts like roasts. These trimmings, often overlooked, are a culinary treasure, providing flavorful and tender pieces perfect for stewing. Our Special Trim Stew Meat guarantees that no part goes to waste, delivering a premium product perfect for your beef gatherings.

Rich in Flavor, Ideal for Hearty Stews and Burgers

This Special Trim Stew Meat is prized for its rich flavor and tender texture, making it ideal for various slow-cooked dishes. Whether you’re simmering a traditional beef stew, crafting a hearty soup, or experimenting with new recipes, this stew meat adds depth and heartiness to any dish. For a twist, use it to create flavorful burgers that stand out at your beef parties.

Versatile and Nutritious

Our stew meat is not only delicious but also versatile and nutritious. It’s perfect for recipes that require longer simmering times, allowing the meat to absorb flavors fully and tenderize, resulting in a nourishing and satisfying dish. Rich in protein and essential nutrients, it’s a healthy addition to your diet.

A Sustainable Choice

Choosing our Special Trim Stew Meat means you’re making a sustainable choice. Using these trimmings ensures that every part of the meat is valued and utilized, contributing to a more sustainable approach to meat consumption.

Quality You Can Trust

At We Speak Meat, we take pride in the quality of our products, and our Special Trim Stew Meat is no exception. We ensure that each batch meets our high standards for quality and flavor, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can be confident that you’re receiving a product that will make your stews and slow-cooked dishes stand out.

Nutrition and Convenience

Our Special Trim Stew Meat is available frozen, ensuring convenience and maintaining its quality until you’re ready to use it. This stew meat is an excellent source of nutrition, packed with protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

Indulge in the rich and robust flavors of our Special Trim Stew Meat, a hidden gem that promises to elevate your cooking with its exceptional taste and quality. Perfect for your favorite stew and slow-cooked recipes, this meat is sure to become a staple in your culinary repertoire. Whether for beef parties or everyday meals, our stew meat is the perfect choice for delicious and nutritious dishes.

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  1. Angel S (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the beef; it was cooked perfectly, tender, and full of flavor.

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