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Beef Marrow Bones


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A Marrow Bone is the culinary and butchery term for either the Femur, Shank or Tibia bone of a steer that is cut for eating. As the Femur is the largest bone in the animal, it has the best Marrow to Bone ratio. Added to soup or stew, it imparts a great deal of flavor and texture to the dish. When cut in half lengthwise it is known as Canoe Bones and is prepared as a side dish. I have seen this described as “God’s Butter” and personally enjoy it spread on toast.

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Marrow Bones – A Rich Addition to Any Dish

Discover Culinary Richness: Our Marrow Bones

Delve into the depth of flavor with our Marrow Bones, a choice that brings richness and sophistication to your cooking. Known in culinary and butchery circles for their robust taste and versatility, Marrow Bones come from the Femur, Shank, or Tibia of a steer. The Femur, the largest bone, offers the most favorable marrow-to-bone ratio, making it a prized selection for chefs and home cooks.

The Essence of Flavor for Soups and Stews

When added to soups or stews, Marrow Bones impart an unmatched depth of flavor and texture. As the marrow slowly melts into the broth, it enriches the dish with its buttery and luxurious taste. This simple addition can elevate a basic recipe to a gourmet level, adding complexity and a velvety texture that’s hard to replicate.

Canoe Bones: A Unique and Delectable Side Dish for Beef Parties

Cut in half lengthwise, Marrow Bones transform into what’s known as Canoe Bones. This preparation turns the marrow into a star in its own right, often served as a sumptuous side dish for beef parties. Roasted to perfection, the marrow in these bones becomes soft, spreadable, and incredibly flavorful—a delicacy often referred to as “God’s Butter.”

Enjoy It in Simple or Gourmet Preparations

Marrow Bones offer a unique taste experience, whether consumed straight from the bone or spread on toast as a rich, buttery topping. Its versatility allows for various preparations, from simple enjoyment to incorporation into sophisticated recipes. Try using it as a topping for burgers to enhance their flavor profile.

A Must-Try for Culinary Enthusiasts

As a culinary enthusiast, experiencing Marrow Bones is delightful. Its rich, creamy texture and deep flavor make it a must-try, especially for those who appreciate unique culinary experiences. Marrow Bones can be incorporated into various recipes, adding a luxurious touch to your meals.

Quality Guaranteed

We Speak Meat takes pride in providing only the best quality products. Our Marrow Bones are carefully selected to ensure you receive the finest cuts for your culinary ventures. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be confident in the quality and flavor of our product.

Nutrition and Convenience

Marrow Bones are not only delicious but also packed with nutrition. They are a great source of healthy fats and essential nutrients. Our Marrow Bones are available frozen, ensuring convenience and maintaining their quality until you’re ready to use them.

Indulge in the rich, luxurious taste of our Marrow Bones, a choice that promises to enhance your meals with its profound flavor and creamy texture. Whether used to enrich soups and stews, as a topping for burgers, or enjoyed as a decadent spread, Marrow Bones are a culinary delight not to be missed.

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