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Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco


Minimum QTY and per pound lingo | 3lbs minimum 

Also known as Beef Hindshank, Cross-Cut Shanks, Fore Shank for Soup, Hindshank for Soup

A cross-section of the leg, which is used extensively for movement. As a result, it is typically braised to make flavorful, fork-tender dishes such as Osso Buco.
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Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco – A Culinary Treasure

Embrace Rich Tradition: Our Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco

Dive into the world of classic culinary delights with our Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco, a cut revered for its deep flavor and tender texture. Also known as Beef Hindshank, Cross-Cut Shanks, Fore Shank for Soup, or Hindshank for Soup, this cut originates from a cross-section of the leg, a part used extensively for movement. This heritage bestows the meat with a robustness of flavor and texture, making it perfect for slow-cooked dishes like the traditional Osso Buco.

Ideal for Braising: Unlocking Flavor and Tenderness

The Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco is especially well-suited for braising, a cooking method that transforms this hearty cut into fork-tender, flavor-packed dishes. The process of slow cooking in liquid gently breaks down the meat’s fibers, infusing it with the richness of your chosen herbs, spices, and broths. The result is a dish that is both comforting and sophisticated, with a depth of flavor that is unmatched.

A Cut for Comforting, Hearty Meals

This cut is a favorite for creating dishes that warm the soul and please the palate. Whether you’re preparing a traditional Osso Buco, a rich stew, or a hearty soup, the Shank Cross Cut provides a foundation of flavor that elevates your dish to new culinary heights.

Pair with Confidence: A Match for Robust Wines

Complement your Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco dish with a robust wine that can stand up to its rich flavors. This cut pairs beautifully with full-bodied red wines, adding an extra layer of complexity and enjoyment to your meal.

Guaranteed Quality and Satisfaction

At We Speak Meat, our commitment to quality is unwavering, and our Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco is a testament to this promise. Each cut is carefully selected and prepared to ensure the highest quality, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can be confident in the excellence of our product, making your culinary ventures truly exceptional.

Indulge in the rich, comforting flavors of our Shank Cross Cut Osso Buco, a cut that promises to transform your cooking into an art form. Ideal for slow cooking and cherished for its deep, hearty flavors, this cut is sure to delight everyone who has the pleasure of enjoying it.

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  1. Riley (verified owner)

    The tenderness of the beef was remarkable, and the flavors were perfectly balanced.

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