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Quarter Beef – Box Weight (See Description)


We will fill this order by choosing standard cuts from both the front and rear quarters to ensure a perfect spread of quarter products. Or you can specify front or rear quarter and custom cuts on our cutsheet. The quarter will weigh between 100 and 140 pounds. Shipping, etc. will be for your account.
Prices are per pound box weight – meaning all cuts are vacuum packaged and ready for your freezer.
Free delivery is offered to Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas and points in between.
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* PLEASE NOTE: This product is currently only available for delivery in the USA.
* FREE SHIPPING for all orders above 20LBS for TX, OK, NM, AR, AZ, CO

* There may be a little variation in weight – we try to get it as close to the weight as possible, however considering there is variation of size and yield from one animal to another, sometimes we have to adjust things just a little! 

SHIPPING: Shipping (UPS 2 day delivery) will take place on Mondays & Tuesdays, usually within 10 business days from receiving your order.

Quarter Beef – A Tailored Beef Experience

Your Customized Selection: Our Quarter Beef

Experience the joy and variety of beef cuts with our Quarter Beef package, a premium selection tailored to your preferences. Ideal for those who appreciate a comprehensive range of beef cuts, this package offers a perfect spread of products from the cow’s front and rear quarters. Whether you’re a fan of steaks, roasts, ribs, or ground beef, our Quarter Beef package provides a delightful mix to suit all your culinary needs.

Choose Standard or Custom Cuts

With our Quarter Beef, you have the flexibility to choose. Opt for our expertly selected standard cuts from both the front and rear quarters for a well-rounded variety, or specify your preference for either front or rear quarters with custom cuts. Our cut-sheet option lets you personalize your order to match your cooking style and preferences, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Ample Supply for Your Culinary Adventures

Each Quarter Beef package weighs between 100 and 140 pounds, offering a generous supply of high-quality beef. This abundance ensures you have a steady stock of your favorite cuts, perfect for family meals, special occasions, or simply enjoying a quality beef experience at home.

Vacuum Packaged and Ready for Your Freezer

All cuts in our Quarter Beef package are vacuum packaged and ready for your freezer. This packaging ensures the meat retains its freshness and flavor until you’re ready to use it. Prices are per pound box weight, providing clear and straightforward value.

Convenient Free Delivery to Lubbock and Amarillo

For added convenience, we offer free delivery to Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, and points in between. This service allows you to enjoy your Quarter Beef without worrying about shipping costs, making stocking up on quality beef easier than ever.

Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Speak Meat is committed to providing the finest quality meats. Our Quarter Beef package is no exception, meeting our high taste, tenderness, and overall quality standards. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, you can be confident in the excellence of every cut you receive.

Discover the versatility and quality of our Quarter Beef package, a selection that offers a customized beef experience right to your doorstep. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, this package provides an array of cuts to enhance your culinary creations and satisfy all your beef cravings.

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1 review for Quarter Beef - Box Weight (See Description)

  1. Isaac (verified owner)

    This beef was tender and juicy, with a flavor that was both rich and satisfying.

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