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We Speak Meat has recently achieved a milestone that sets us apart in the industry. USDA approval marks a significant leap in our commitment to excellence, meat quality, and safety standards.

USDA Approval: A Mark of Quality and Safety

The certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is not just a badge of honor; it’s a testament to We Speak Meat’s adherence to rigorous safety and quality standards. This approval assures customers that every product from We Speak Meat complies with the strict federal regulations that govern meat processing and handling. It confirms that the company doesn’t just speak quality; it practices it in every cut, every package, and every delivery.

The Rigorous Journey to Certification

Achieving USDA certification is no small feat. It involves an extensive process of inspections and evaluations, ensuring that all products meet the established benchmarks for quality and safety. We Speak Meat’s success in navigating this rigorous process highlights its unwavering focus on excellence. Customers can trust in the purity, safety, and nutritional value of their products, assured by one of the world’s most respected food safety standards.

A Collaborative Effort for Ethical and Sustainable Practices

In its journey towards USDA certification, We Speak Meat has built strong partnerships with ranches and suppliers who share their ethical and sustainable farming ethos. This collaborative approach guarantees that the entire supply chain, from pasture to plate, maintains the high standards set by the USDA. These partnerships are more than business transactions; they are a shared commitment to upholding the integrity of the meat industry.

More Than an Accolade: A Commitment to Excellence

This USDA approval is more than just an accolade for We Speak Meat; it reflects their commitment to responsibility and quality. It represents a pledge to continuously serve its growing customer base with transparency and quality assurance in every product.

Raising the Bar in the Meat Industry

With the proudly displayed USDA seal, We Speak Meat is not just raising the bar but setting a new standard in the meat industry. This achievement is a stepping stone in strengthening customer confidence and establishing a new benchmark in the market.

To explore the USDA-approved range of products from We Speak Meat and learn more about their commitment to excellence, visit

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