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Texas is an amazing place – I fell in love with it just driving through the state. (Apart from an excursion into Dallas – dang GPS!!)
The size of Texas reminds me of my country back in Africa – Namibia is actually a bit bigger than Texas (sorry!!) but it is empty of people (being the second least populated country on earth) with hundreds of miles of roads where the only things you see are wildlife and nature.

I have lived in both Wisconsin and Florida and literally felt as if I was being squeezed to death because I could never properly see the horizon – too many trees in the way! Then I drove across Texas, on my way to the Panhandle, and I could feel my spirit expanding. The feeling was very similar to what I always felt driving through the Kalahari, and it made me feel as if I was coming home.

The further I drove, the friendlier people became. Greetings all of a sudden sounded as if they were meant – people looked you in the eye when they said hello. “Have a great day” made you feel hopeful that your day would indeed be great.

Muleshoe is my kind of town – one traffic light provides more than enough traffic control. If the mood took you and you felt energetic enough, you could walk across town in an hour – all the time being greeted by folks with friendly waves and a smile. Also, it is impossible to get lost! Look up and you can see the silos and know exactly where you are!

I hate cities (even most towns), but this little town has never made me feel as if I could not exist here. There is space here and one can breath. The pace is unhurried and there is time to think.

We Speak Meat Company
Starting our new business here has also brought many new insights. Bureaucrats can actually be friendly and helpful – who knew!! A call to the town council and/or the Texas State Department results in talking to folks who are interested and who want to help.

Another thing that is absolutely amazing – a handshake still means something here. It is as good as a contract!

Being not only from the Southern Hemisphere, but also from the other side of the world, sometimes causes a lot of confusion. Asking for directions is impossible – people always start out with “go north (south, west, east) until you reach…”.

That is no help at all – my compass is 180 degrees turned around. I do not know where north is!! I have stopped asking – so I rely on this lady that lives in my phone. She seems to know where every place I need to go is and I follow her blindly. Only problem is she always want to go the shortest, fastest route – even if that means she directs me right through every dang city on the way. No use me trying to tell her I hate cities and would rather drive an extra hundred miles to avoid them, she is deaf to my pleading! Or maybe I am just too digitally challenged to be able to speak her language and make her understand.

One day I will get it figured out…..

Differences in language use often makes me laugh – where I am from, going to get some gas means I am off to fill the propane tank. Waiting for the robot means I am stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green. Taking my vehicle to a garage means I am going to a service station to see if I can find a mechanic that can fix whatever the problem is. Taking the lift means I am on an elevator on my way up or down.

There are many more examples and maybe I will dedicate an entire blog to this subject one day, with anecdotes about some really hilarious situations I got myself into by not thinking and using expressions from back in Africa. Let me tell you, I have gotten some very funny looks as a result over the years….

As I am writing this, a thought keeps reoccurring – I am happy here! I love Texas, I love Muleshoe and its people. I am home.

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